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This is the Flarie family

Some of us prefer coffee that is way too strong (if you ask the rest), some love music from the 80’s, some like to eat their body weight in cheese and some take the opportunity to compete whenever the chance is given. We all may have different backgrounds, quirks and habits but we always support each other and we love hanging out together. 

We also gather around one common interest: to challenge the way we view marketing and at the same time entertain people all around the globe. 

And we love a good challenge. 

What does Flarie do?

Good question! In short, we enable branded games within your app, on your physical products, on your social media, on screens that you can spot in the public or on any other digital platform. If you've ever seen a branded game (where the brand is integrated in the game) it might be developed by us. 

Our values

Team spirit
We make sure to educate each other, help each other and to be kind, always.
We believe in your competence and ability to keep on learning. If you see something that you would like to improve - don't hesitate to do it.
<3 Customers, users & partners
We love our customers, users and partners, (and of course also our employees). We make sure to always do our best to give them a good experience from our products.
Take action
You can ask your colleagues about anything, but you also have the trust to make your own decisions. It’s okay to make mistakes because we know that's how we learn. You know what they say: try and fail but never fail to try.

Hornsgatan 24
118 20 Stockholm Directions


Zuidplein 36
1077 XV Amsterdam Directions

Our numbers

Game rounds played
Incredible markets
Branded games


We spend many hours working and sometimes our private lives comes in between. That’s why we have flexible working hours. We would love to have you working at the office, but of course you can work from home a couple of days during the week if that suits you better.


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